Our Technology

This technology is another new innovation helps us to achieve our surgeries very safe and with the least discomfort. It allows safe bone cutting action while no risk of damaging the soft tissue. Precise and selective cut, better healing and more comfort are more advantages.

What is Piezosurgery and where does it originate from?

Piezosurgery is a patented ultrasonic technology specifically engineered for bone surgery. Piezosurgery was developed in the late 1990s by Tomaso Vercellotti, MD, DDS, and Mectron Medical Technology to overcome the limits in precision and safety of traditional bone-cutting instruments. Over the years, as the result of Mectron's continuous technological innovation, more than 50 insert tips have been designed and engineered to provide surgeons with the best cutting tools for each anatomical situation. Indeed, Piezosurgery allows one to perform bone surgeries with high precision, greater respect for soft tissues, greater visibility and enhanced healing.